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Our chocolates are made from the purest available ingredients. We support sustainable agriculture by sourcing chocolate products with UTZ Certified Sustainability Program and socially responsible business practices, as well as supporting farmers in our community. We purchase our fresh cream and butter from local family-owned farms (including Hope Creamery of Hope, MN), and we create all of our hand-crafted confections with B.T.’s signature blend of the finest cocoa products from around the world.

Every chocolate we make starts as a small batch and is finished with exquisite decorations applied by hand.

We strive to offer chocolates that are not simple candies. Rather, they’re unique confections that you first taste with your eyes, then savor slowly — allowing the harmony of texture and flavor to intermingle and linger long after the chocolate is gone.

We are excited to introduce our re-designed truffle packages. You get the same delicious chocolates presented in colorful contemporary packages produced from Sustainable Forestry Initiative materials, which is a certified chain of custody promoting sustainable forest management. These packages are appropriate for any gift-giving occasion or personal chocolate experience. Each box reveals a chapter of the B.T. McElrath story; so, collect them all and support the hand-crafted chocolate tradition!


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